Give me that sunshine!

Spring has finally settled in for Melbourne. With some warmer days starting to shine through consistently I think it's safe to say all our floral friends of the Spring are in full bloom. Woohoo! Spring means tulips, sunflowers, roses, sea holly, ranunculi, waratahs, dahlia.....the list goes on. It is such a joy to be working in the floral industry across the months of Spring.

Tulips are a keen grower in the months of Spring and they don't just grow while they are planted....they continue to grow once they are cut! We will often add tulips into an arrangement and bury them in much deeper than their other floral friends as we know if they are placed in fresh water they will continue to grow. What a bloody joy!

In order to benefit from cut flowers and the incredible arrangements that can be made, our beautiful farmers have a lot of work to do to make sure each flower is given plenty of love which comes in the form of food, sunshine and water. Flowers (like us!) require basic supplies to keep them happy and healthy and to ensure that once they are cut they can live on and share the energy that is trapped amongst their petals.

The sunshine that comes in Spring is the first extra burst of energy that the plants receive after what can feel like a long and lonesome Winter. The Spring sun brings with it life and care to warm up the nutrients in the soil and move them into the flowers so they can thrive.

Plants are so incredibly smart that they take the sunshine, absorb it with a chemical that they have in their little bodies (fancy word for this chemical = Chlorophyll) use a method called Photosynthesis (basically like a little factory in their cells that can change the sunshine they receive into a chemical that the plant can use) and create their own energy to make the gorgeous blooms that we get to enjoy.

FUN FACT: Energy cannot be when you cut a flower and take very good care of it, it will share its energy by releasing the sunshine it absorbed whilst planted and pushing it out through the flower as it opens up in your vase or arrangement. STUNNING.

So get outside, soak up some sunshine and bring back with you a bunch of blooms into your home. You won't regret the boost you receive when you walk by and admire them!

❤ Stephanie xo

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