The story behind State of Bloom owner, Steph

Hello there :)

On this rainy Melbourne Monday in November I thought I would share my floral adventure with you and get you up to speed on how I got to be the owner of State of Bloom Melbourne.

I don't have your typical story of growing up with a huge garden and being surrounded by parents and grandparents that love flowers and nature and in turn that made me fall in love with flowers.....I actually HATED gardening growing up! Don't get me wrong, I was an outdoorsy kid and loved chasing the sun and spending days at the beach....but give me a job to do in the garden and I would rather head back inside.

I really only grew to appreciate florals when I was studying biology in school. I learnt about how plants convert the sunshine into energy to feed themselves and how that that energy releases through the petals of the flower as it opens. It was fascinating and I loved it....BUT I didn't even think of studying floristry. When I was in school I never thought of myself as a creative person, I loved science and maths, not art and dance. However when I look back, I realise that although I liked the subjects that were more academic than creative, I found the creative element in them. In biology, I liked the science and understanding how a human body works, how plants convert sunshine to food but I LOVED leading the group project so that I could pull the information together in a beautiful visual that represented the group's personality. I enjoyed the fact that maths was structured but I LOVED working through a problem and finding a creative way to get to an answer! I just couldn't identify that the creative side of those subjects was really what I enjoyed.

Ever since I was in high school and was considering what I wanted to do when I grew up, I knew two things for sure when it came to my career ahead:

1. I want to bring joy and energy into other peoples' lives

2. I want to work for myself

So when I finished school I studied nursing....makes sense for number 1 on my list of essentials but for the second essential there was no chance of fulfilling this. Following my brief nursing stint I decided to venture into the City, get a job and see where that took me. After a year of working in the corporate sector I knew I wanted to head into the world of events and I studied Event Management. My event management career took me from the corporate sector to the charity sector and eventually all the way across into the government sector. I had some great experiences working in events but I was stuck in an environment that was tightening around me and I wasn't getting the creative satisfaction that I needed to be fulfilled in life.

I was finding that I was needing an outlet and I found this in flowers. THANK THE SUNSHINE that flowers came into my life! Every week I would buy an array of flowers from the market and make my own table arrangements. I would google how to make flower crowns and make them for my family and friends for Melbourne Cup day. I even did all the flowers at my sister's wedding. I had a passion for floral arrangements and it just felt natural and absolutely fulfilling. I had found my thing!

Once I had jumped across into the government sector for events I decided to bite the bullet and do a floral course and I haven't looked back. I completed a career change course at Bloom College in Melbourne which set me up to succeed and achieve both my goals of:

1. I want to bring joy and energy into other peoples' lives

2. I want to work for myself

I literally am bringing energy to the lives of those that receive flowers from State of Bloom (and hopefully joy!) and I am working for myself. Ain't nothing more satisfying than being my own boss lady!

And that my friends is the story of State of Bloom....I hope to forever be growing and working with florals so I can always be in a state of bloom.... xx

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